New Year’s Resolution

Over the years, I have amassed over 420 books. I buy some, I trade some. I’ve actually sold a few I’d purchased on Amazon back to Amazon buyers for cash (via the link where you don’t see who the buyer is) and then a few years later bought the exact same books back. I have a problem. I like books, but I think I really like spending money. It seems to promise you a kind of joy which is limited only by one’s imagination. Yes, this blender can change my life. I will eat healthy from now on because of this blender. Yes, this sweater can change how I feel about myself. I look damn good in this sweater. Yes, this book will give me an experience that can be added to all those other experiences I’ve had and think of whenever I see my book shelves full of books. I feel smarter just looking at them.

Well, there lies the problem. Since college, I’ve maintained a personal library half full of unread books. It really has been 50%, as I’ve read some, traded or sold some, and bought even more. I would like to work through my library and see if I really like all my books.

For this reason, I’m going to expand the scope of this blog. This means, every now and then, I’ll be spending some time responding to old books. It may not be every week, as I am an incredibly slow reader ( I tend to over-analyze everything), but it should be enough to make me feel like I am making progress… in life.

Some books really are very old, and about a year ago I did finish “minimizing” my library. (It took about one to two years for the same reason I am making this New Year’s Resolution), and now I am staring at over 200 yet-to-be-read books that I could not bear to let go of. To my credit, many of these are academic books or books on philosophy or heavy duty history books, but there are a few books of fiction and art history as well, which are screaming to be appreciated and to bestow upon me the knowledge I should already have by now.

Well, here it goes… 


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