Here’s another drawing in water color. I figured everything out, except the colors, in pencil. The images below have been altered to make the lines show up more. They were actually much lighter. The second (right) image includes lines I used to fix the lopsidedness of the vase.

Originally, I wanted to paint everything in pink and light green, to experiment with contrasting colors. But painting the vase blue just seemed like a better idea, even though I’d already painted the inside of the flowers and certain sections (what is now the darkest shade of blue) of the vase a light green, which would’ve conveyed the idea of stems, but I would’ve had reds, blues and greens, which was too much variety in color than I liked. I decided to paint over the greens in red or blue, which made the idea of “flower vs vase” more focused.

Small note on the materials. I used water color paper again, which (I should know by now) isn’t invincible. I erased some lines multiple times and scratched up certain areas more than others, so that these areas absorbed paint more readily. If the surface was intact, the color would go on evenly, and if I wanted to I would be able to wash most of the paint away with some water.

I wanted to do some last-minute editing and paint right up to the line within the section that’s to the left of the circle inside the vase. When I applied the paint, it went on too dark and wouldn’t wash away, so to even out the color of that section, I applied more paint to the entire section, and now it looks darker than it was before and looks like another shade of blue.

I also ran into problems with finishing it at all. I wanted to express the flow of the lines as contours of shapes and not lines, as I had with the drawing for the previous post. I have one line (the stem of the flower which droops below the top flower), which stands out as a line.

I’m also tempted to color in the two circles at the centers of the top flowers, but I think choosing a color besides that of the background would throw off the balance of the color scheme. On the other hand, choosing to not paint it a different color makes the background color (white) interact with the other colors more, calling attention to it as a part of the color scheme and as negative space, which gives shape to the negative space, or it begins to.

I either give more presence to the centers of the flowers, which add to the theme of circles and seems to compete too much with the vase, or introduce the beginning of an idea (giving shape to the negative space) that could’ve been more fully realized. Either way, it looks unfinished.


Water color paper (Strathmore 400)

Water colors (Roel, Acuarelas Italianas)


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