Trees on Patreon

I’ve created a personal account on Patreon, where I humbly offer a limited edition of George, Lenny and Val for sale.

It’s been a learning process but these trees have come a long way. They are each a product of automatic drawing, as well as some minor editing.

George (above, left) has not gone through much editing, or none for which I have pictures… and I credit beginner’s luck. But Lenny (above, right) has been a a bit of a problem child. (Please see “More Trees” for Lenny’s story.) Then there is Val (below). She’s also received some editing.

Trees Val 1, Val 2 102218.JPG

The one on the left is Val 1 and on the right is Val 2. I made some small changes to the line work, so the distribution of the black spaces can flow better. I also gave it a lighter wash.

Moreover, the ink has a smooth finish. Before I was very heavy handed, like I was molding the paper like it was a sculpture. Now, the end result has no grooves (that I can see) and the ink is more evenly applied… although with the close-up, I can see there are some small specks I still have to fill in.

Trees George scan detail 102218

Above is a close-up of a scan I took of George and below is a close-up of a scan of Val.

Trees Val 2 Scan detail 102218

George was the second tree I drew. Only when I did a second version of Don did I realize how smooth the ink could be. (More about more about Don later. I have bigger plans for him.)


Water color paper (Strathmore 400)

Fine gel pen

Tea (Best Tea, as a wash)

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