Salvaging some old work. I drew “Vendor” in 2009 and applied ink in 2010. I kept making the lines thicker and thicker, because I couldn’t get the outside edges smooth enough . I think I botched the lower left-hand corner too, so I cut it off and glued another piece of drawing paper to the back of it, to make it a whole rectangle again. (So desperate was I to make it work.)

Well, after eight relatively uneventful years, i decided to try again. I made a carbon copy in pencil, applied ink, and then added another figure to balance out the composition.

Vendors 110418

I was tempted to use circle stencils to make perfect circles for the heads, but they looked a little too perfect.

I used a ruler for the straight lines and the circle stencils to make partial circles until I completed the head, shoulder and… pop-belly (?) of the top most figure, but I had to go by eye for the heads of the other figures. I kept making the “lines” thicker and thicker again, but I didn’t get heavy handed (yay!), which I did for the original.

… and that’s it.

Happy holidays, everyone 🙂


Drawing paper (Strathmore 400)

Bic fine gel pen

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