This page is not about coffee. It is about books. I credit coffee, however, with sustaining me through college (an on…), which is why my handle at Library Thing is Caffeinated.

I joined Library Thing in 2007, because organizing my things makes me feel like I’m more in control of my life than I really am, and the voyeur in me was curious to see what was in other peoples’ libraries. Some members have as many books as an actual library. Some members are actual libraries. For those who are not libraries and have thousands of books, may I ask, How do you store all of them and do you display only some of them? Do you live in a mansion?

My own collection has fluctuated over the years in size and content. I currently own 431 books, not including references, periodicals or textbooks. Sadly, of those I catalog at Library Thing, I have only read about half… and so I have made a New Year’s Resolution (2018) to begin working through those long-neglected books.

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