I would often play with an idea for a few pages so I grouped them accordingly.

III 2009 – 2013

I was thinking of contour drawings and some obscure Japanese manga.

These are responses to (left to right) a figure from Guernica (1937), Buveuse assoupie (Sleeping Drinker) (1902), figure from La Soupe (The Soup) (1902), Nude with Drapery (1907) by Picasso

The first two (above) are studies to a drawing called “Figure 4a”

The first two (above) are studies to a drawing called “Blue.” The third is from another sketchbook which I half used as a journal and later dismantled. The fourth is after the style of Marc Chagall.

The drawing, Loose Ends (2020), is an extension of the first sketch (above).

These are on free leaf rice paper but I like to think they belong with my Sketchbook III.

II 2008 – 2009

Below are from my second sketchbook, which is the first sketchbook which I tried to fill with figures from my own imagination.