Old Drawings

I spent a little time uploading some old drawings onto Society6. I’ve organized them into the following collections: Sunday Morning, Mythology, Label Me and Everything Else.
Sunday Morning includes products using contour drawings, which convey a kind of mood… sleepy, dreamy… lazy… ?

Dress scan resize 10Bag scan resize 10Cherry Pits scan resize 10

Mythology includes products from one lone design, Sirens.

Sirens III 092618 (3)

The designs for Everything Else do not connect in theme to anything else, except Compositions #2 and #3 (middle row below), which I include here because, as with the other designs, I don’t know if I’ll be drawing anymore like them.

Figure 4a scan resize 10 Blue Space scan resize 10

Composition 2 scan resize 10 Composition 3 scan resize 10

Odd Couple scan resize 10 Boo scan resize 10

Label Me uses designs which can easily take on a variety of captions. They’re simple line drawings from my first sketchbook. Not too ambitious… and maybe I’m feeling sentimental… but I still like them…

Figure 1a scan resize 10Figure 1d scan resize 10Figure 1e scan resize 10Figure 1f scan resize 10Elephant scan resize 10

I have two versions of “Bottle.” “Hot Sauce” is an example of how you can caption the image.

Bottle, blank scan resize 10Bottle, Hot Sauce scan resize 10



More on the way…