Old Drawings

I spent a little time uploading some old drawings onto Society6. I’ve organized them into the following collections: Sunday Morning, Mythology, Label Me and Everything Else.

Sunday Morning includes products using contour drawings, which convey a kind of mood… sleepy, dreamy… lazy… ?

Mythology includes products from one lone design, Sirens.

Sirens III 092618 (3)


The designs for Everything Else do not connect in theme to anything else, except Compositions #2 and #3 (middle row below), which I include here because, as with the other designs, I don’t know if I’ll be drawing anymore like them.



Label Me uses designs which can easily take on a variety of captions. They’re simple line drawings from my first sketchbook. Not too ambitious… and maybe I’m feeling sentimental… but I still like them…


I have different versions of “Bottle.” The first has “HOT SAUCE” stenciled in pencil and the second and third are blank.


I also want to add a few more designs. Coming soon…