家 瑋

Gaa means “family” and Wai means “valuable” or refers to a type of jade

It has a Cantonese phonetic spelling. It is also my common name in Chinese.


Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing (1993) Frederick Franck 12/10/17

But is it art? (2001) by Cynthia Freeland 01/06/18|01/15/18|01/18/18

The Picasso papers (1999) by Rosalind E Krauss 06/03/18|06/10/18|06/14/18|06/17/18|06/25/18

The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige (2001) by Daniel Boorstin, et al 05/11/19

Graphics of the German Expressionists (1984) by Serge Sabarsky 08/17/19

New Years Resolution (2018)