家 瑋

The Cantonese phonetic spelling of my name Gaa Wai means “family jade.” It almost has nothing to do with this blog… although this blog is developing into a place neither here nor there. Thinking about art may just be my way of accessing bigger ideas. But I do have a habit of trying to reduce complicated ideas down to their basic elements. Not that saying art is a gateway to bigger ideas is a reduction of the idea.

Ok telescoping out again.

This blog has been a place where I can share my responses to books. I made a tongue in cheek post about my resolution to work through my personal library in 2018 and I don’t mind saying… I like taking my time.

Below are the books I’ve commented on, followed by a link or links to the posts.


Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing (1993) Frederick Franck 12/10/17

But is it art? (2001) by Cynthia Freeland 01/06/18|01/15/18|01/18/18

The Picasso papers (1999) by Rosalind E Krauss 06/03/18|06/10/18|06/14/18|06/17/18|06/25/18

The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige (2001) by Daniel Boorstin, et al 05/11/19

Graphics of the German Expressionists (1984) by Serge Sabarsky 08/17/19

Bauhaus by Magdalena Droste (2006) 12/13/20

I have also offered random thoughts on some very big ideas, like Success, Happiness, Style, Value and Ego. They are a part of a series I like to call, Notes for a Younger Self.